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Nacinimod Deodee

Caribbean born designer, poet, artist and musician, Nacinimod Deodee, talks about his island roots, growing up in Dominica & defining his style from a young age.  He is also the designer behind House of Nassat, a crochet wear company.

It does my heart good to see a fellow islander doing his thing and being true to his own style.

Nacinimod Deodee for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.


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Storytelling With Beads

I’ve done lots and lots of creative research as of late.  And for some reason I keep stumbling unto the most interesting and yet time-consuming works of art. In this fast pace society there seems hardy any space for anything that can’t be done in 0.8 seconds. Honest I’ve found myself being swept up into the high-speed vortex we call modern-day  living. High demand equals, high productivity equals, high cash flow. Right? But what about quality.?

 I know it sounds horrible but I was very guilty of exiling some really good ideas to the wayside because I thought they took  up way to much of my precious time. But honestly it has nothing to do with the wasting of precious time, more like being obsessed with result  & a short attention span.

I’d like to think that these finds have come along to show that great things need great amounts of time. That some of the best works do take a while and are worth the while. Maybe I need to slow down be more observant and see what unfolds in the process instead of racing towards some un-fulfilling hasty result.

With all that being said let me share with you my newest discovery, jewelry designer or better said, Jewelry Artist Teresa Sullivan. I think Artist is more suiting of a title because her work goes beyond that which we consider adornment. She painstakingly threads beads into beautiful works of art, creating sculptural designs that demand attention. Her is work is mind-blowing and most definitely worth the while. She doesn’t only seclude her time to that of jewelry making. She also creates tapestries and other beaded objects. Her pieces tell a story of super heroines, comics and science fiction. Although meant to be worn on the body each piece can independently stand on its own. They’re not just jewelry.

Ecstasy Necklace photo: Dan Kvitka

Here is a video documenting the time, work  and dedication it takes to create these amazing pieces.

Teresa Sullivan Bead Artist Documentary from Ian Lucero on Vimeo

See more of  Teresa Sullivan’s work at


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Dubble Protection

The sun is shining extra, extra, extra bright today. Greatly welcomed after days of rain. It seems as if the sun is making up for lost time.  I woke up this morning squinting. So no ordinary eyewear will do. Definitely need something to match the sun’s intensity.

 I found these lovely yet quirky Double-Framed Sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana‘s 2010 collection. The double frames are just what I need to protect my eyeballs from all this sunshine. So I’m gonna start saving now, should have them by mid-fall. Just in time. ;-D

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Aboard The Starship Enterprise

After yesterday’s post I thought I’d keep the outer space theme going. Beyoncé’s Run The World video debuted yesterday and of course it was a visual smorgasbord of captivating imagery. But two things in particular caught my eye, those shoes.  They’re the Starship Enterprise, by british designer Gareth Pugh. And they are most definitely otherworldly.

Obviously you can’t just  wear anything with these shoes. They were accompanied by a dress of golden scales, also created by the edgy designer.

Both items premiered this year at the  Pitti Immagine #79, with the help of Ruth Hogben. The film was projected unto the ceiling of a 14th-century church. Check it out here.

More & more you see designers pushing the envelope  and letting their creativity soar to new highs. Fashion is not only for the functionality of daily life. But an interactive art form. But this is not for everybody nor everywhere. I mean you wouldn’t wear this to go grocery shopping , unless you’re Lady Gaga of course. But I guess that’s what makes high fashion, high fashion. An unattanable height only reachable by a select few. The feeling of exclusivity & rarity makes for an addictive combination. And being out there, way out there in outer space, may only be for a brave few.

Check out for more info on the designer.

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Green Tea & Bateria= One Heck Of A Jacket


I just love when fashion and science collide.

Fashion designer Suzanne Lee is working along side scientists in an effort to grow clothes. The idea is absolutely fascinating and can open up a whole new world for fashion & science. Although there are still some kinks to be worked out its well on its way to becoming one of  fashion’s groundbreaking innovations.

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Fashion Conscious

H&M has launched their yearly star-studded FAA (Fashion Against Aids) campagne in effort to spread Aids awareness. Fashion is widely considered to be superficial and only useful in the shielding of the body from prying eyes. But while that may be  true H&M is breaking the stereotype and helping the fight against Aids.

So I mentioned stars earlier but I would like to give the true stars of the campagne a spotlight, the illustrations. I have a fondness for fashion illustration and these works of art are just lovely and a perfect representation of the line. The line consists of mostly muted tones, metallics and  hints of color  My fave is the slogan uni-sex jumpsuit. What can I say I’m partial to fonts.

Check below to see the looks on real people.

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Are You Kidding Me?!

My 2 favorite things have come together and formed a holy bond that no man shall break asunder. Yes people, food & Jewelry have become one. Feast your eyes upon this holy joining.

How cute is this stackable Hamburger ring with all the fixings?

See other delectable delights here at Q-pot!


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