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Storytelling With Beads

I’ve done lots and lots of creative research as of late.  And for some reason I keep stumbling unto the most interesting and yet time-consuming works of art. In this fast pace society there seems hardy any space for anything that can’t be done in 0.8 seconds. Honest I’ve found myself being swept up into the high-speed vortex we call modern-day  living. High demand equals, high productivity equals, high cash flow. Right? But what about quality.?

 I know it sounds horrible but I was very guilty of exiling some really good ideas to the wayside because I thought they took  up way to much of my precious time. But honestly it has nothing to do with the wasting of precious time, more like being obsessed with result  & a short attention span.

I’d like to think that these finds have come along to show that great things need great amounts of time. That some of the best works do take a while and are worth the while. Maybe I need to slow down be more observant and see what unfolds in the process instead of racing towards some un-fulfilling hasty result.

With all that being said let me share with you my newest discovery, jewelry designer or better said, Jewelry Artist Teresa Sullivan. I think Artist is more suiting of a title because her work goes beyond that which we consider adornment. She painstakingly threads beads into beautiful works of art, creating sculptural designs that demand attention. Her is work is mind-blowing and most definitely worth the while. She doesn’t only seclude her time to that of jewelry making. She also creates tapestries and other beaded objects. Her pieces tell a story of super heroines, comics and science fiction. Although meant to be worn on the body each piece can independently stand on its own. They’re not just jewelry.

Ecstasy Necklace photo: Dan Kvitka

Here is a video documenting the time, work  and dedication it takes to create these amazing pieces.

Teresa Sullivan Bead Artist Documentary from Ian Lucero on Vimeo

See more of  Teresa Sullivan’s work at


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Dubble Protection

The sun is shining extra, extra, extra bright today. Greatly welcomed after days of rain. It seems as if the sun is making up for lost time.  I woke up this morning squinting. So no ordinary eyewear will do. Definitely need something to match the sun’s intensity.

 I found these lovely yet quirky Double-Framed Sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana‘s 2010 collection. The double frames are just what I need to protect my eyeballs from all this sunshine. So I’m gonna start saving now, should have them by mid-fall. Just in time. ;-D

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Post A Week 2011

WordPress is holding a challenge where you can sign up to either blog every day or every week. I really hate challenges! So what do I go and do? I sign up for one. Yeah…go figure!

But with that being said I do understand the beneficial aspects of pushing oneself out of their comfort zone. But because my comfort zone is really warm and pretty comfy, I’ll be doing a post every week and not every day. That would be pushing it way to far out of the zone and into the some pretty treacherous territory. I keep it real in the zone.

 I have wanted to up my blogging activity for a while now so this is right up my alley. In Blogging Is Hard, I wrote about the Chinese water torture that is blogging. There I vented my frustrations of not quite getting the hang of it. So lets just hope that this does the trick and gets me moving in the right direction.

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Blogging is hard!

My goodness, how do people so it? Not for a lack of inspiration, cause inspiration is what I do but nothing seems able to make it to an actual post.

My main issue is imagery. I’ve seen a lot of things online that spark my interest but when it comes to other OPP, I hesitate. As  a graphic designer I more than understand  copyright infringement and it is thee absolute scourge of the creative community so I don’t even play that. Of course this is a problem that can easily be solved with a permission request. But there I hesitate too because of sheer shyness. Long story short, it’s a hot mess.

 I think I need to take another approach to this whole blogging thing. I’ve just read Maya Writes blog: What I learnt from Blogging Heroes: Top Blogging Tips and it was not only encouraging but it also gave me a fresh view on how I am to approach this monster…By dragging the sucker from under the bed and bringing it to the light.

Check out  Maya Writes inspirational blog :

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Here to ever so gently visually stimulate the eyeballs to their greatest capacity.








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