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Fashion Conscious

H&M has launched their yearly star-studded FAA (Fashion Against Aids) campagne in effort to spread Aids awareness. Fashion is widely considered to be superficial and only useful in the shielding of the body from prying eyes. But while that may be  true H&M is breaking the stereotype and helping the fight against Aids.

So I mentioned stars earlier but I would like to give the true stars of the campagne a spotlight, the illustrations. I have a fondness for fashion illustration and these works of art are just lovely and a perfect representation of the line. The line consists of mostly muted tones, metallics and  hints of color  My fave is the slogan uni-sex jumpsuit. What can I say I’m partial to fonts.

Check below to see the looks on real people.

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And the models are just as excited. Can´t you tell?

H&M+Lanvin Campaign, Photographer: David Sims, Models: Natascha Poly, Hannelore Knuts & Tati Cotliar

I love me some H&M, like on the real. I kid you not it is my go-to store. Over the years it has been known for high fashion at an affordable price and that is a combination I can more than live with.

For their latest collabo they have joined forces with the fashion powerhouse, Lavin. The range consists of everything from black tailored pieces, a colorful and floral array of dresses, a Zebra printed coat and quirky T-shirts. And for the men, daytime tuxedos and jogging pants. Yes jogging pants, à la Lanvin of course. I mean let’s gets serious, don’t expect to see these at you local gym.

The love children of H&M and high-end designer labels has made luxury clothing more accessible to the common folk. And the pairing seemingly has no intentions of stopping. The collection will be available to the bloodthirsty masses on November 23, 2010. I foresee a stampede of frantic women and sweaty changing rooms. I’m sorry but you know it’s true.

Check out some more of their offspring below.

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More info at: www.hm.com/nl/ and www.Lanvin.com

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