About “The Glee Manifesto”

A personal commentary on all things  magnificent, beautiful, bright, sparkly, plush and splendiferous (yes this is an actual word)

Here you’ll find inspirational work done by other artists along my own, be it finished works, concepts or ramblings of the mind. In short a lot of randomnessssssss.

Art, design and Fashion are the main staples of The Glee’s diet. Massive consumption and no snacking within a 50 mile radius. Enjoy!

Behind the Glee

I’m Maroushka and I’m a graphic designer presently living in Holland. To be honest I’m a reluctant blogger. Don’t get me wrong I love me some blogs but it is totally different to actually be writing one so bear with me.

So the basic idea of this blog is to share my love of design. My own work and those that inspire me. As I’ve mentioned before I’m a graphic designer but my 1stlove is fashion. If anything graphic design has given me a unique outlook on fashion in general. I also have interests in other avenues of design and art such as interior design, architecture and photography to name a few. After I graduated from art school the unexpected happened and I started sketching shoes. This was strange because I love fashion and everything but I had never even thought of designing shoes. Long story short I haven’t stopped ever since and I would love to see my designs leave my sketchbook one day and enter the realm of reality. The goal of this blog is to document my journey into the unchartered waters of the fashion world.

The Manifestation Of Glee is the name of my future line and it is what inspirises this blog. Because it was so important to me, I really took my time to figure out what it would be called. I went through so many names but none really fit. I was going for unique and inspiring. The 1st thing that came to me was Glee, this so perfectly describes how I feel when I’m creating because my work is a Manifestation of my dreams. It just felt so right. 

In future posts I will go more in-depth about the logo concept. But for now, ENJOY!

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