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Aboard The Starship Enterprise

After yesterday’s post I thought I’d keep the outer space theme going. Beyoncé’s Run The World video debuted yesterday and of course it was a visual smorgasbord of captivating imagery. But two things in particular caught my eye, those shoes.  They’re the Starship Enterprise, by british designer Gareth Pugh. And they are most definitely otherworldly.

Obviously you can’t just  wear anything with these shoes. They were accompanied by a dress of golden scales, also created by the edgy designer.

Both items premiered this year at the  Pitti Immagine #79, with the help of Ruth Hogben. The film was projected unto the ceiling of a 14th-century church. Check it out here.

More & more you see designers pushing the envelope  and letting their creativity soar to new highs. Fashion is not only for the functionality of daily life. But an interactive art form. But this is not for everybody nor everywhere. I mean you wouldn’t wear this to go grocery shopping , unless you’re Lady Gaga of course. But I guess that’s what makes high fashion, high fashion. An unattanable height only reachable by a select few. The feeling of exclusivity & rarity makes for an addictive combination. And being out there, way out there in outer space, may only be for a brave few.

Check out http://www.garethpugh.net/ for more info on the designer.

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When people think about the 80’s the 1st thing that comes to mind are bamboo, doorknocker, earrings, Adidas tracksuits and a mild yet worrying obsession with Aquanet …ok, mild is an understatement. But what about those powerful shoulders? Well they´re back with a vengeance and trust me ya mama never had it this good

 The past years have seen the re-emergence of the Power Shoulder and the movement is still going strong. Unlike most trends this is no one-day-fly, if anything it has gained momentum. The last time Power Shoulders were in I was young, impressionable …and broad shouldered. No seriously, I hated my shoulders back then because they jutted out from my neck at a very unladylike 90 degree angle.

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