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3.Shoes Of The Glee Manifesto: Neon Beam

So I’ve overcome  the blight and  pestilence otherwise known as the flu to bring you another shoe installment. This is one of my faves, because of the colorful yet simple design and the transparent heel.

Description: title says it all
Ingredients: patent leather, lucite and rubber
Technic: you guessed it, good old fashion Photoshop

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2.Shoes Of The Glee Manifesto: Metropolitan Take Over

Description: Nature makes room for human progress.
Ingredients: Suede, Wood and Plastic
Technic: Good old wholesome Photoshop


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1.Shoes Of The Glee Manifesto: Pink Zebra

In the coming days I’ll be posting some of my older illustrations, drawings and sketches leading up to my present work. I think it is important to document one’s journey and take note of progress. It should be interesting to see how this story developes. These earlier drawings (sounds like an archaeological find) are what I would call a quick documentation of an idea.  Not really concentrating on perspective, just wanting to get it out of my mind and down on paper as fast as I possibly can.

I make theses shoes of paper because it makes me happy, brings me joy or should I say Glee. I draw them because I want them to one day become real. And sharing them with you is step one .

It was a few months after graduating that I’d discovered a love for designing shoes. Like almost every woman I love shoes but it had  never even crossed my mind to actually design them. And then without any warning I just started and  couldn’t stop. Long story short it is this that made me reconsider my self as a graphic designer and it was from that point on I knew I couldn’t just be that.

First up. Pink Zebra, a not so poised ballerina made tame by an ornate broach.
-Technic: Pencil & Photoshop


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Sea Of Shoes Art Contest

Jane Aldridge, the author of popular fashion blog, seaofshoes.com hosted an art contest. The task was to create an illustration inspired by a Spring 2011 designer look. This particular contest spoke to me because of the intertwining art and fashion elements. There were no prizes involved just the opportunity to have your work showcased on a high traffic site.  It was nice to draw something by hand for a change (Illustrator is quite addictive). Lets just say I had fun and I might do more of these in the near future.

For my entry I went with Victor & Rolf’s Spring 2011 ready-to-wear runway look. I also incorporated some elements based on the acclaimed Piet Paris’s set design.

Click here to see the 15 winners and here to view the art gallery.

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