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Pencil Shavings Pendants

Melbourne based jewelry designer, Victoria Mason has a thing for turning ordinary house-hold items into some really funky jewelry. 

Seeing the extra-ordinary in the ordinary takes real talent and a keen eye. She’s taken something most see as a waste by-product of art and turned it into a unique piece of art.

This sterling silver and enamel, pencil shaving  pendant, hangs on a 52cm sterling silver chain. I think it’s really cute & different.

See more of Victoria’s work at, http://www.victoriamason.com

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Storytelling With Beads

I’ve done lots and lots of creative research as of late.  And for some reason I keep stumbling unto the most interesting and yet time-consuming works of art. In this fast pace society there seems hardy any space for anything that can’t be done in 0.8 seconds. Honest I’ve found myself being swept up into the high-speed vortex we call modern-day  living. High demand equals, high productivity equals, high cash flow. Right? But what about quality.?

 I know it sounds horrible but I was very guilty of exiling some really good ideas to the wayside because I thought they took  up way to much of my precious time. But honestly it has nothing to do with the wasting of precious time, more like being obsessed with result  & a short attention span.

I’d like to think that these finds have come along to show that great things need great amounts of time. That some of the best works do take a while and are worth the while. Maybe I need to slow down be more observant and see what unfolds in the process instead of racing towards some un-fulfilling hasty result.

With all that being said let me share with you my newest discovery, jewelry designer or better said, Jewelry Artist Teresa Sullivan. I think Artist is more suiting of a title because her work goes beyond that which we consider adornment. She painstakingly threads beads into beautiful works of art, creating sculptural designs that demand attention. Her is work is mind-blowing and most definitely worth the while. She doesn’t only seclude her time to that of jewelry making. She also creates tapestries and other beaded objects. Her pieces tell a story of super heroines, comics and science fiction. Although meant to be worn on the body each piece can independently stand on its own. They’re not just jewelry.

Ecstasy Necklace photo: Dan Kvitka

Here is a video documenting the time, work  and dedication it takes to create these amazing pieces.

Teresa Sullivan Bead Artist Documentary from Ian Lucero on Vimeo

See more of  Teresa Sullivan’s work at http://www.teresasullivanstudio.com/

Via: http://craftovision.tumblr.com/

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The Glee Manifesto Stylist: It’s Easy Being Green


This look is built around this lovely playsuit. A little over excited about spring being upon us. I can’t wait for the days when we can go jacketless. And the legs and arms are free to roam the earth. ENJOY!

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The Glee Manifesto Link: Anu Rock & Metal Jewelry


Beautiful Jewelry made of rock and metal by the talented Nkrumah Sekou Jennings. He gives a pretty fascinating account of how a pilgrimage retracing the route of african slaves led him unexpectedly into jewelry making. His story is an interesting one on how seemingly chance encounters can lead to destiny.

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The Glee Manifesto Book Review: Elsevier Stijl ABC

Elsevier magazine released a style guide series this month. It consists of 3 editions, Stijl-ABC sieraden & hologes(Style ABC jewelry & watches), Stijl-ABC voor de vrouw (Style-ABC for the woman) and Stijl-ABC voor de man(Style-ABC for the man).  I’d missed out on the 1st two editions but was just in time for the jewellry guide. This is quite fitting as I’ve taken up an interest in the art of jewellery design. So I just had to get me one.

It offers a comprehensive alphabetical rundown of all things jewellery related, well not all things. The information is also accompanied by illustrations and photography. It discusses every thing from the shapes & cuts of precious stones and grading for precious metals.  Even the Place Vendôme  well-known  for housing prestigious  jewellers such as Cartier, Van Cleef  and Arpels is describes within its pages.

I would say this series is more for a newbie and anyone unfamiliar with certain terms or little known facts. But if you looking to brush up this is the series for you.

Get yours at your local Kiosk or order online at www.elsevier.nl/stijlgids

! Only for readers of the Dutch language or people who like books with pretty pictures.

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