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Pencil Shavings Pendants

Melbourne based jewelry designer, Victoria Mason has a thing for turning ordinary house-hold items into some really funky jewelry. 

Seeing the extra-ordinary in the ordinary takes real talent and a keen eye. She’s taken something most see as a waste by-product of art and turned it into a unique piece of art.

This sterling silver and enamel, pencil shaving  pendant, hangs on a 52cm sterling silver chain. I think it’s really cute & different.

See more of Victoria’s work at, http://www.victoriamason.com

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The Glee Manifesto Stylist: It’s Easy Being Green


This look is built around this lovely playsuit. A little over excited about spring being upon us. I can’t wait for the days when we can go jacketless. And the legs and arms are free to roam the earth. ENJOY!

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