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Champbell Soup For The Sole


What you know about Jeffery Champbell? Homie don’t play.


Tick Paint


Saturn 2



Source: http://www.solestruck.com/

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Heels of Dreams:Giuseppe Zanotti, Platform Wedges Throw Backs

Giuseppe Zanotti, is a beast on some platforms and here is why

Rafia Platform Wedge Sandals

Zanotti Amber Boots

Flower power

They are actually from his Fall 2010 collection but these throwbacks are still cute in 2011.


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Embroidered Vogues

 UK-based artist Inge jacobsen ‘s hand-stitched Vogues

Source: http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/10/view/14476/inge-jacobsen-cross-stitched-vogue-covers.html

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The Glee Manifesto Stylist: It’s Easy Being Green


This look is built around this lovely playsuit. A little over excited about spring being upon us. I can’t wait for the days when we can go jacketless. And the legs and arms are free to roam the earth. ENJOY!

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Fashion Conscious

H&M has launched their yearly star-studded FAA (Fashion Against Aids) campagne in effort to spread Aids awareness. Fashion is widely considered to be superficial and only useful in the shielding of the body from prying eyes. But while that may be  true H&M is breaking the stereotype and helping the fight against Aids.

So I mentioned stars earlier but I would like to give the true stars of the campagne a spotlight, the illustrations. I have a fondness for fashion illustration and these works of art are just lovely and a perfect representation of the line. The line consists of mostly muted tones, metallics and  hints of color  My fave is the slogan uni-sex jumpsuit. What can I say I’m partial to fonts.

Check below to see the looks on real people.

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Are You Kidding Me?!

My 2 favorite things have come together and formed a holy bond that no man shall break asunder. Yes people, food & Jewelry have become one. Feast your eyes upon this holy joining.

How cute is this stackable Hamburger ring with all the fixings?

See other delectable delights here at Q-pot!


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Popsicle Season Is Almost Here!


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