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Post A Week 2011

WordPress is holding a challenge where you can sign up to either blog every day or every week. I really hate challenges! So what do I go and do? I sign up for one. Yeah…go figure!

But with that being said I do understand the beneficial aspects of pushing oneself out of their comfort zone. But because my comfort zone is really warm and pretty comfy, I’ll be doing a post every week and not every day. That would be pushing it way to far out of the zone and into the some pretty treacherous territory. I keep it real in the zone.

 I have wanted to up my blogging activity for a while now so this is right up my alley. In Blogging Is Hard, I wrote about the Chinese water torture that is blogging. There I vented my frustrations of not quite getting the hang of it. So lets just hope that this does the trick and gets me moving in the right direction.

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