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Blogging is hard!

My goodness, how do people so it? Not for a lack of inspiration, cause inspiration is what I do but nothing seems able to make it to an actual post.

My main issue is imagery. I’ve seen a lot of things online that spark my interest but when it comes to other OPP, I hesitate. As  a graphic designer I more than understand  copyright infringement and it is thee absolute scourge of the creative community so I don’t even play that. Of course this is a problem that can easily be solved with a permission request. But there I hesitate too because of sheer shyness. Long story short, it’s a hot mess.

 I think I need to take another approach to this whole blogging thing. I’ve just read Maya Writes blog: What I learnt from Blogging Heroes: Top Blogging Tips and it was not only encouraging but it also gave me a fresh view on how I am to approach this monster…By dragging the sucker from under the bed and bringing it to the light.

Check out  Maya Writes inspirational blog : http://maryawrites.wordpress.com/2010/12/21/top-blogging-tips-by-best-bloggers/

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