Go Big Or Go Home

Wall painting by Supakitch and Koralieat the VÄRLDSKULTUR MUSEET GÖTEBORG / SWEDENWith the support of POSCA

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Aboard The Starship Enterprise

After yesterday’s post I thought I’d keep the outer space theme going. Beyoncé’s Run The World video debuted yesterday and of course it was a visual smorgasbord of captivating imagery. But two things in particular caught my eye, those shoes.  They’re the Starship Enterprise, by british designer Gareth Pugh. And they are most definitely otherworldly.

Obviously you can’t just  wear anything with these shoes. They were accompanied by a dress of golden scales, also created by the edgy designer.

Both items premiered this year at the  Pitti Immagine #79, with the help of Ruth Hogben. The film was projected unto the ceiling of a 14th-century church. Check it out here.

More & more you see designers pushing the envelope  and letting their creativity soar to new highs. Fashion is not only for the functionality of daily life. But an interactive art form. But this is not for everybody nor everywhere. I mean you wouldn’t wear this to go grocery shopping , unless you’re Lady Gaga of course. But I guess that’s what makes high fashion, high fashion. An unattanable height only reachable by a select few. The feeling of exclusivity & rarity makes for an addictive combination. And being out there, way out there in outer space, may only be for a brave few.

Check out http://www.garethpugh.net/ for more info on the designer.

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DIY MoonShoes

In collaboration with Spanish performance artist Alicia Framis, United Nude has come up with a shoe for the “Moon Life” project, based on the premise that humans will one day live in outer-space. The carbon-fiber shoe comes flat, packed with assembly instructions and interchangeable uppers that you can switch out for a custom look. Source

I love “the build your own shoe” idea. I too am a firm believer in consumer participation. But what worries me more than the living on the moon, is the non-existent support for my non-existent arch. If you’re like me and have no arch to speak of then here is a little tip for ya. On arrival to the venue, find a seat and remain in it the entire night. These shoes are NOT made for walking.

Source: http://www.refinery29.com

Info: http://www.unitednude.com/

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Champbell Soup For The Sole


What you know about Jeffery Champbell? Homie don’t play.


Tick Paint


Saturn 2



Source: http://www.solestruck.com/

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So You Think You Can Paint?


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Green Tea & Bateria= One Heck Of A Jacket


I just love when fashion and science collide.

Fashion designer Suzanne Lee is working along side scientists in an effort to grow clothes. The idea is absolutely fascinating and can open up a whole new world for fashion & science. Although there are still some kinks to be worked out its well on its way to becoming one of  fashion’s groundbreaking innovations.


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Heels of Dreams:Giuseppe Zanotti, Platform Wedges Throw Backs

Giuseppe Zanotti, is a beast on some platforms and here is why

Rafia Platform Wedge Sandals

Zanotti Amber Boots

Flower power

They are actually from his Fall 2010 collection but these throwbacks are still cute in 2011.


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