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Post A Week 2011

WordPress is holding a challenge where you can sign up to either blog every day or every week. I really hate challenges! So what do I go and do? I sign up for one. Yeah…go figure!

But with that being said I do understand the beneficial aspects of pushing oneself out of their comfort zone. But because my comfort zone is really warm and pretty comfy, I’ll be doing a post every week and not every day. That would be pushing it way to far out of the zone and into the some pretty treacherous territory. I keep it real in the zone.

 I have wanted to up my blogging activity for a while now so this is right up my alley. In Blogging Is Hard, I wrote about the Chinese water torture that is blogging. There I vented my frustrations of not quite getting the hang of it. So lets just hope that this does the trick and gets me moving in the right direction.

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Plan Of Action


New year new possibilities, they always say. And this I’m hoping is true. Actually it’s more than a hope, it’s an action. There is a big difference between the two.

Thinking at Hell's gate By innoxiuss

For the past few years I’ve hoped, thought, mulled, stressed, worried, imagined, contemplated … and oh did I say worried. Yes, it just keeps on going. I’ve realised that this is a matter of cause and effect. As long as the planning is not followed up with some type of action you’re doomed to stay in a vicious cycle of thinking. Which makes me think of the popular statue The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, which depicts Dante deeply pondering his poem in front of Hell’s gate of all places. Talk about pressure. Although the bronze image is a symbol often times used in philosophy, I want to use this image to illustrate how over thinking can freeze you in time making you a statue or stagnant in whatever area you don’t progress in. It’s a statue for a reason, he just couldn’t move past it.

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Blogging is hard!

My goodness, how do people so it? Not for a lack of inspiration, cause inspiration is what I do but nothing seems able to make it to an actual post.

My main issue is imagery. I’ve seen a lot of things online that spark my interest but when it comes to other OPP, I hesitate. As  a graphic designer I more than understand  copyright infringement and it is thee absolute scourge of the creative community so I don’t even play that. Of course this is a problem that can easily be solved with a permission request. But there I hesitate too because of sheer shyness. Long story short, it’s a hot mess.

 I think I need to take another approach to this whole blogging thing. I’ve just read Maya Writes blog: What I learnt from Blogging Heroes: Top Blogging Tips and it was not only encouraging but it also gave me a fresh view on how I am to approach this monster…By dragging the sucker from under the bed and bringing it to the light.

Check out  Maya Writes inspirational blog :

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