The Glee Manifesto stylist: Neutral Ground

This edition of Your Local Glee Stylist is about matching random styles and having it all mesh together. This look is about different textures, prints and styles. But the neutral color palette is what ties it all together. There is a lot of things going on here that at 1st glance may seem to have nothing in common. I mean there are wings, a knitted cardigan, printed legging and even gloves. Now ya can’t get more offbeat then that, now can you?

This look is here to prove that when it comes to fashion there are no rules of man. Well, there are but you are free to make up your own as you go along.

1.Echo Block Stripe Woven Glove, Black/Brown/Grey – Sold Out
2.TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Eleanor Cocoon cable-knit cardigan – $595
3.Lamorna Tee – $60
4.Minor Obsessions Angel Wing Stud Earring – Right – $100
5.Kanebo Sensai Silky Lip Gloss – $32
6.Nina Ricci Floral Maryjane Pump – Sold Out
7.Acne Cadena Printed Legging – $229
8.Stephen Dweck Indian Agate Bead Necklace – $695
Disclaimer: The prices of these items are…hmmm how should I say, not recession friendly so this is strictly for drooling and  inspirational purposes. But if  you got it like that, then be my guest.


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3 responses to “The Glee Manifesto stylist: Neutral Ground

  1. Oooh I am in love with this look..mmm think I could rock it!

  2. bress

    anything for 20 euros??