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New year new possibilities, they always say. And this I’m hoping is true. Actually it’s more than a hope, it’s an action. There is a big difference between the two.

Thinking at Hell's gate By innoxiuss

For the past few years I’ve hoped, thought, mulled, stressed, worried, imagined, contemplated … and oh did I say worried. Yes, it just keeps on going. I’ve realised that this is a matter of cause and effect. As long as the planning is not followed up with some type of action you’re doomed to stay in a vicious cycle of thinking. Which makes me think of the popular statue The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, which depicts Dante deeply pondering his poem in front of Hell’s gate of all places. Talk about pressure. Although the bronze image is a symbol often times used in philosophy, I want to use this image to illustrate how over thinking can freeze you in time making you a statue or stagnant in whatever area you don’t progress in. It’s a statue for a reason, he just couldn’t move past it.

I would describe myself as a chronic thinker, it is in essence my Achilles heel. Essentially there is nothing wrong with thinking, but what we call an over thinker is just another fancy way of saying worrywart. And worry is as inaccurate as fortune-telling or at times the weather report. And the daily habit of the pessimist.

So in short all this thinking has given me a major headache and I believe I’ve filled my quota as far as thinking is concern. If anything I think I deserve a free pass from thinking for the next couple of years. So I’ve actually found a productive way to put my thinking to use by actually DOING something with it. While a thought is real in your mind it doesn’t really exist in the physical realm and thoughts become real when they become actions.

You don’t make it with your hands. You form it with your hands. You make it with your mind.—Edgar Tolson, 1971

This makes me think of the process of creating, be it a dress, a painting or a sculpture it all begins with a thought. The sketch is the concepts 1st vital step of departure from the mind into the physical realm. So it is now in the physical realm and is what most would refer to as ‘real’. Then you go into trial drafts followed by definite drawings and adjustments and so on and so forth until its ready for production and the thought is in its last stages of being realised. Now this is a small summary of steps needed to get to a particular goal but there are even more involved depending on what it is you’re trying to carry out. And sometimes these steps are tiring and demotivating. But it is laborious and long-winded for a reason. I guess it’s natures way of easing you into a situation that at the onset seemed scary but in actuality isn’t all that bad once you get the hang of it, kinda like riding a bike.

But moving a thought out of your mind and into the world isn’t easily done, at least not for me. But then again what is. Hard, daunting or scary aren’t excuses enough  not to pursue any dream. So make it easy on yourself and write it down. Not only the dream but how you plan to get there. Seeing the actual steps is not only motivating but make the dream seem more real and brings it closer to fruition. Why, you ask. Because writing like sketching are powerful for one reason, like I said before it is the concepts 1st vital step of departure from the mind into the physical realm.

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