The Glee Manifesto stylist: Christmas dinner with the parents

So in keeping with the holiday spirit I’ve gathered some looks together to help you along the way during this very taxing season.

The woes of the modern-day woman not only consists of finding the best and most thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Butchering, declawing, gutting and basting a bird. Decorating your home à la Martha Stewart and presenting the family as a wholesome bunch but you must also look good while doing it. Phewww! Whose idea was this anyway?

My first instalment is inspired by a casual-formal dinner party with a touch of pressure. If you’re the outgoing type who likes to keep it flashy but without overdoing it, then this one’s for you. As Christmas dinners go you want to keep it classy but still be you. You want to look presentable but frumpy is a no-no. And this particular look has that classic element with a touch of pizzazz.

The Burgundy day dress is loose comfortable and the ruching provides enough disguise for your over-excessiveness at the diner table.  For this look I’ve chosen some big chunky jewellery. But keeping moderation in mind I’ve kept the amount low. Two to be exact. The lovely necklace brings the desired amount of face framing *BLING* so no earrings needed. The Druzi stone ring with its rough cut provides a subtle yet pleasant contrast to the glamour of the necklace. We don’t do matchy-matchy here. Pair this look with a little tweed and gold embellished clutch. WARNING: PLEASE! DO NOT, SMUGGLE FOOD IN THIS!  And then POW! those explosive metallic gold shoes that say ‘I’m a pump but I aint no sucker!’

Click the link and get more info on these looks:
Disclaimer: The prices of these items are…hmmm how should I say, not recession friendly so this is strictly for drooling and  inspirational purposes. But if  you got it like that, then be my guest. 

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