Clear Heels…not just for strippers

Not just for strippers

Introducing ‘Within’

Demin 'Within'


This collection is special to me because it is my first attempt at a technical drawing. My personal preference does veer more towards hand drawn techniques but it is always nice to see something that resembles the real thing (perceptively). And I understand it’s also useful when communicating instructions to manufacturers.

Boot / Ankle boot / Camo sandal

When designing I like to push the envelope and on paper anything is possible. I’m pretty sure such a heel would be a manufacturer’s nightmare, but a challenge none the less. I’ve called this collection “Within” because of the obvious smaller heel encased in the lager clear heel. The clear heel is somewhat of a running gag in society and is mostly associated with women of the night gliding down poles and things of that nature. But designers have in seasons passed incorporated the clear heel in their collections taking it from the champagne room to the runway. As for the body of the shoe I’ve experimented with different styles and applied the same concept of metal connectors that join separate parts to each other. I’ve utilised Illustrator to create these designs. 

Check out more designer clear heel below
Clear heels…not just for strippers
Prada, KORS, KORS, Prada, Aldo, Prada, Prada
A collection of stylish and demure clear heels devoid of the smut.

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